Mentoring Matches

Eligible members of the organization are invited to sign up to participate as mentees.

They greatly value this opportunity to match themselves with experienced senior organization members participating as mentors; the knowledgeable individuals learners believe will offer insights and guidance highly relevant to their career development.

1-to-1 Networking

Typically, a session is one hour. An unparalleled, focused learning opportunity for the mentee.

Information 24/7

Each participant’s built-in My Sessions page stores all the information about their matches.


How the Learning Happens

The Mentor Gallery
Your website homepage puts mentors’ profiles right up front and sortable by discussion topics. Mentees quickly get to know the topics and mentors and plan their selections.
Session-booking Stage
On a programmed date, the booking stage activates, and mentees may book meetings with multiple mentors by clicking on any of the session dates displayed in mentors' profiles.
Matches are Stored
Each user’s personalized My Sessions page conveniently stores all the information for their matches: the meeting dates and with whom, plus authorized contact information.
Relationships Begin
Mentees reach out to selected mentors and confirm meeting arrangements. The exchanges that follow give learners connections and knowledge that accelerate career success
Mentors Say

Deeply satisfying to make contributions to mentees’ careers … enjoy meeting next-gen talent … feel inspired for the future

Mentees Say

Positive influences on my career … learned what it takes to succeed and be a leader … made connections that span the breadth of the industry.


Enjoy a Great Mentorship Experience

Mentees reach out

Mentors like to hear from you right away after a booking is made. Get the session locked into each other's calendar.

Have a pre-meeting

Start the relationship with a brief introduction. Outline topics for the upcoming session and touch on shared professional interests.

Mentees arrive prepared

Mentors respect it when mentees come to the meeting with open‐ended questions that guide the discussion without restricting feedback.

Be fully present

Set aside daily pressures during mentoring sessions so you can give the most and get the most from the experience.

It's not an interview

It's an exchange. Don't get lost in note taking. Mentees be engaged in the conversation to fully connect and learn.

Summarize each session

In closing a meeting, mentees could speak about the insights gained. Mentors appreciate knowing how they helped and this cements the relationship.