About Us


Created by Association Specialists

We understand the challenges associations face to attract and retain members. We understand how members relate to their associations and what members expect. It’s different than with corporations, so it matters that this platform is solely designed for associations.

Engage More Mentors

When it's this easy to participate watch how many experienced, senior members quickly say Yes!

Motivating for Learners

The platform uniquely matches mentees for career-boosting 1-to-1 sessions with industry leaders.

Feature Rich for Admins

Easy and intuitive set up, with the right tools and support to ensure success for busy association staff.

Results Ready

With mentors, mentees, and admins all highly engaged, you're ready to meet members' needs for networking and learning.

Big Outcomes, Great ROI

Surveys repeatedly show mentees gain knowledge and confidence, and mentors enjoy rewarding experiences.

Tell your Story Instantly

No waiting. Your uniquely self-managed and customizable website lets you tell your mentorship story.

Because Mentors Ask:

Be a mentor? Love to. How can it fit into my busy schedule?

The answer: Small Commitment with High Impact. Typically, just 3 or 4 hours are requested and spread over several months. Plus, it’s topics-based, conversational mentoring without assignments, deadlines, or reporting. Easy! And perfect for time-starved, senior association members who enjoy helping young professionals in an impacting way but need it to fit into their very busy schedules.
Because it’s the Modern Solution:

Add this high-returns mentorship service to your member engagement toolbox.

Exceptionally Low Pricing (in Canadian dollars) makes it affordable for you to provide the number one benefit young professionals want from association membership: access to knowledge. Especially access to the expertise and insights senior association members can share after years in the trenches. Click Get Started below and help members connect and learn together as quickly as you can sign them up.

We Live Mentorship

Our mission is to support large and small associations with this dedicated and successful platform that has proven to grow and retain membership while reinvesting knowledge with next-generation leaders.


Sustainable Long-term

This mentorship model is practically self-sustaining. Associations find that mentees eagerly await it each year; that mentors welcome it annually, and programs grow in participation with each edition.

Mentors Enjoy and Come Back

In survey responses, the vast majority of mentors say they gain as much as they give and plan to participate again.

A New Experience Every Time

Each edition offers more learning opportunities. Mentors and mentees enjoy new matches and further expand their industry connections.