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START NOW         FREE TRIAL Mentorship Rocket is designed by association specialists for associations. It's our desire to support large and small associations with this unique and successful platform that has proven to grow and retain membership while reinvesting knowledge with next-generation leaders.
Powerfully engaging. What's so special?

It doesn't take rocket science to see how very time-deprived people are in their professional lives. So Mentorship Rocket was created to help you offer members of your organization a modern solution for mentorship that fits their busy schedules, while providing an exceptional learning experience for all.

We call it Rocket Sense. With low commitment but high impact for mentors and mentees, and streamlined setup for administrators, this mentorship model easily attracts participants. That's what is special, and why it works so well in the modern landscape of associations. It can engage your members in significant numbers, plus mentorship programs are affordable and easy to operate in the cloud-based platform.

A program created in Mentorship Rocket compliments a traditional mentoring program or is an excellent stand-alone program for any association. Mentorship reinvests knowledge and strengthens an industry. It attracts new members and engages senior members in a satisfying and rewarding way. Start a program today. It's just Rocket Sense.

The Mentors' experience

This mentorship model is different from other programs a mentor may have experienced. In this model a mentor's time commitment is very light-duty – typically just 3 or 4 one-hour sessions spread over several months, and at locations convenient to the mentor.

There are no assignments, tasks or deadlines; no note-taking or reporting functions. Each meeting is a comfortable, topics-based conversation regarding subjects that are important to the mentee who booked the session with the mentor.

With participation in this type of program, mentors can gain as much as they give. The chance to share their experiences and insights is satisfying and rewarding, plus each exchange is a chance to learn from the professionals with whom they meet. Usually a program is structured so each mentoring session is with a different mentee. The sessions are wonderful opportunities to hear how the rising talent in the industry sees the future.

Is it any wonder why mentors typically say yes quickly when asked to participate? And statistics show that 70 to 80 percent of mentors participate again year to year.

The Mentees' experience

A program built in Mentorship Rocket provides professionals with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth through focused, one-on-one networking sessions with thought leaders in the industry.

Mentees greatly value the Mentorship Rocket feature that lets them match themselves with the industry leaders they choose to meet; the experienced individuals a professional believes will offer insights and guidance highly relevant to their career development.

Each hour-long mentoring session is a unique and rare time in which the mentor's undivided attention is focused on the mentee's discussion topics. For the mentee, it's a learning and relationship opportunity possibly unequaled in any other business setting. Many of the mentors in the program may be known to the mentees by reputation. And every participating mentee will have an equal chance to book a mentorship session with any mentor.

Usually, to enhance the learning experience and broaden mentees' connections, each mentoring session is booked with a different mentor.

DIY easy! Have a program running quickly

With easy-to-learn program setup and communication tools at your fingertips, Mentorship Rocket is an administrator's dream. Step-by-step downloadable instructions help you get started quickly with this intuitive system and launch a program as fast as you can recruit mentors and mentees. Ready-to-go communication scripts help you explain program benefits to participants and stakeholders.

Plus the administrator's dashboard and comprehensive activity reporting tools allow you to measure how successfully your mentorship program engages members of the association. What's not to love?