How Mentees & Mentors Connect

Mentors are introduced on an association's Program Homepage

The mentors' profiles, including brief biographies, are available for public viewing in the Mentor Gallery. However, only the mentees registered for the program will have access to the function for booking meetings with the mentors. At a date and time announced in advance by the program administrator, the session-booking process in the Mentor Gallery is activated.

When activated, the session dates displayed in mentors' profiles become 'live' and all participating mentees simultaneously may select mentors by clicking on the dates. As each date is selected by a mentee, the date turns grey which means it is no longer available to others. Mentees are guided through the online booking process by clear and helpful screen instructions.

The program administrator also will announce in advance how many sessions each mentee may book, and whether each meeting must be with a different mentor.

Mentees reach out to the mentors they selected

After choosing session dates online, mentees are responsible for directly contacting their selected mentors and ensuring the times and locations for mentoring sessions are mutually established and that the meetings occur. The system does not send emails to participants.

A page in the association's mentorship program, called MY SESSIONS, is provided to get mentees started. This online page stores the mentee/mentor matches, the meeting dates booked, and contact information for the participants. At any time while a program is active, mentees can log in on the program homepage then click MY SESSIONS and see a personalized summary of the mentors they booked; including the authorized contact email addresses their mentors provided.

Similarly, mentors can log in at any time and see a personalized summary of the mentees who booked sessions with them via the online mentorship program.