Refund Policy

Connection Rocket Inc. ("we", "our") operates the Mentorship Rocket™ website (the "Service").

30-day Money-back Promise

We are committed to helping our client organizations ("users") create and manage successful mentorship programs.

Information is readily available on the Mentorship Rocket website to help users understand how a micro-mentoring model works and how this Service facilitates building online programs. Additionally, a complete library of How-To instructional resources and communications scripts is available to the organization's program administrator(s) immediately when a program is purchased. As well, staff with Mentorship Rocket is pleased to provide further assistance with learning to create and manage a program within the Service.

If, within 30-days after the program purchase date, an organization decides that it will not be able to successfully operate a mentorship program using our Service, the organization may request a refund. A full refund will be granted provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The request must come from an authorized representative and be sent by email to no later than 30 days after the program purchase date.
  2. No mentorship sessions may have been booked by mentees with mentors through the mentorship program to which the refund applies. (one or two test bookings by program administrators are allowed and expected as part of the learning and setup process).
  3. The client organization and its representatives understand that the Terms and Conditions accepted when the program was purchased, particularly regarding non-authorized use the proprietary scripts and materials available to program administrators, continue to apply without limitation after a program is terminated and a refund is given.

    Refunds are not available after the 30-day period.