Immediately Career Enhancing


Targeted Learning

Rising stars in all professions want to manage their learning. They know what their knowledge gaps are, and they want to target specific topics to fill the gaps, get career-boosting insights, and accelerate their career growth now.

Mentorship Rocket is uniquely designed to facilitate topic-expert mentoring. Find out how easy it is to create opportunities for members to connect one-to-one, share experiences, and learn together.

More Mentors say Yes!

When it's this easy and rewarding to give back, watch how many experienced, senior members volunteer as mentors!

It's Why YPs Joined

Give young professionals access to knowledge mentors will gladly share. It's why they joined the association and why they'll stay.

In the Driver's Seat

Put learning control directly in the hands the mentees, allowing each learner to select mentors for themselves - who they want for the topics they want.

Unique and Rare Opportunity

Eager learners quickly sign up in this mentoring model. They greatly value the 1-to-1 sessions with mentors’ undivided attention focused on the mentee’s career needs.

Mentors Just Want to be Asked

Who better to help young members than experienced senior members of your association who love to give back?

What's Not to Love?

It's all here! Connections to multiple mentors and career-enhancing knowledge one can apply immediately, through user friendly Mentorship Rocket.


Launched Lasting Relationships

I picked mentors who are in roles I want to be in one day. They are all extremely supportive. I feel fortunate to hear firsthand how they got where they are. We will stay in touch.

I could see my mentors were totally at ease. These conversation-style meetings are great. So comfortable. We could really connect on a personal level, and I got huge value out of it.

It’s so helpful to hear different perspectives and ask questions with experienced people outside my company. This has been a very positive influence on my personal and professional development.

Thank you for including me. I never would have connected with such high-profile association members without the mentorship website. It smoothed the path to meeting wonderful, inspiring people.

They say knowledge is a bridge to a better place. My mentors' advice sharpened my thinking on goals and helped me develop confidence for next steps in my career.

I feel the huge impact good advice and a nudge in the right direction can have. My mentors, from several sectors of my industry, pointed me toward excellent tools and resources that help me bring more value to my company.